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    {chicken teriyaki don - yummy, great balance of the grill aroma and the smoky teriyaki}

    My friend, MM and I are starting a new weekly ritual of trying a new place to dine out every week. 

    Living in Melbourne means we have an assortment of delicious cuisines and eateries at our disposal and yet I am surprised we have not fully embraced this wonderful eating culture that is considered very Melbournian.

    This week, as I was on a strict budget after returning from a rather indulgent holiday in Europe, we ventured into Meshiya on Lonsdale Street for a quick, cheerful and affordable Japanese meal. I will pre-warn you that I am not great when it comes to remembering prices but I plan to get better at noting this when we eat out again next week. 

    I promise that this post will be filled with photos that will make you hungry so {be warned} don’t read this on an empty stomach…

    We arrived at around 7.45pm and was instantly greeted by the jovial いらっしゃいませ (irasshaimase) greeting that is common in most Japanese eateries. The restaurant was quiet with only a few patrons but there was ample staff about and we were attended to as soon as we walked into the restaurant. We quickly settled into our table and digested the menu that had helpful images of what the food would look like. 


    I ordered a set menu that had Chicken Teriyaki Don, Udon Noodles, cold potato salad and Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard) which is one of my absolute favourites (I feel that only fellow asians will appreciate this wobbly dish) - I should probably note the name of the set next time (rookie mistake) and MM ordered a claypot udon noodle dish. (again, no idea of the name of the dish, doh!) Seeing we were hungry, we also ordered a Sashimi dish to share.

    The food arrived pretty quickly and we were soon diving into the sashimis complete with a heck of a lot of wasabi. I found the sashimis not super fresh but still tasty. It definitely had a defrosted taste to it that I did not find too appealing. No melt in your mouth sashimis here but edible and cheerful to those suffering from “Hang-er”. 


    {Sashimi - approx. $17}

    Our mains arrived and MM and I embarked on the challenge of eating everything that was put in front of us (I don’t like to waste food but I must remind myself to never over eat before I have to sit down for several hours in a movie theatre) In this instance, my meal was sizeable and I feared that my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach. I think sometimes, the rule of “never go shopping on an empty stomach” applies to when ordering on an empty stomach. 

    My meal was quite tasty, the Chawanmushi had enoki mushrooms in it and also some prawns (to my seafood intolerance dismay!) the rest of the meals were edible, no standouts in particular. It arrived hot and that was enough for me at the time. MM seemed to enjoy her meal but I did not receive any raving comments from her.

    We finished up our meals in under 30 mins with lots of chatter in between (we covered mostly topics about boys, romance and food, of course), as it got a little later more people started coming in for dinner and it started to get nice, warm and cosy, I do love a busy restaurant. (my dad always says, never trust an empty restaurant as the wok is not hot!)


    {my rather large set dinner - approx $18-$19}


    {MM’s bowl of udon approx. $12.00}

    Overall the quick dining experience was a good one, it is surprisingly hard to write a review without sounding too much like a know it all food critic. I guess the reason for this blog is to document and commentate on our experiences when dining out and what transpires during our eating sessions. (hopefully some adventures will soon follow after this first attempt)

    Where: Meshiya Japanese Restaurant, 200 Lonsdale St Melbourne, VIC 3000 | 03 9654 6242

    Date visited: Wednesday, 13th August 2014 for dinner

    Booking required: No

    Rice Bowl Happiness score:

     imageimage out of 5

    I hope you liked my first awkward food review. Who knows where our next adventure may be but until then, eat well.


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